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"Lady A Global"

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Philanthropist. Missionary. Educator. Motivational Speaker. Entrepreneur.  Diversity Specialist. YouTube Personality. Writer. Traveler. Lover of Life.

   After successfully building a name for herself & her company, Think!Kingdom, within the private & faith based sector, Lady A knew it was time to continue her legacy of "firsts". She has been the First Black American female to accomplish a long list of things from singing with the North Carolina Opera in elementary school to graduating from her high school alma mater Cary Academy.  

   She continued her legacy of trailblazing firsts while attending Hampton University and later Norfolk State University. Naturally, when she felt that destiny was pulling her to leave the life she had built behind to embark on a life of overseas travel, she started to blaze a new trail of firsts. With the launch of a new company, 1040Global, various charitable programs under her belt, and an international radio show, ASIA1040 with a listenership of 28,000 and counting, she found herself ready to continue her life of firsts and succeed in international territory. Lady A then sold everything she had and relocated to South Korea. 

   When asked where ahe derives her ambition and adventure, she has been known to reply, "No one can live my life but me, and no one can tell my story but me. So, I have to live it nice & loud even if I'm the only one listening!" She has motivated people with her words and inspired people with her life. Be looking out for her next chapter in life, as it is guaranteed to be just as exuberant and as liberating as she is!


International Work: www.1040globalmissions.org

Collegiate Outreach: www.passportlife.org

"If I take care of you & You take care of me... Then, everyone is taken care of!" 

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